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Frequently asked

How much should one budget for their project?
The easiest way to know how much to budget is to give us a call and get an estimate! The variation in size and complexity of each job makes it hard to give an average estimate.
How long does the process take?
With customer satisfaction being our goal, duration depends on the size of the project. The scale and complexity of a job can really vary and as a result, coming up with a design can take as little as a few hours but finishing a project could be as long as several weeks.
Are permits needed?
In some situations, yes. Depending on the project, some HOAs or city ordinances may require a permit. While this is not something we have encountered, it's always best to check before starting your project. Anytime that we have to dig for a project it is required that you call 811 to have utilities marked before we take a shovel to the ground.
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