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Not all plants flourish in the same soil, but that's where we come in! We test the soil in a lab, then make a suggestion using organic amendments.

Design and Build

There are so many people that wish to garden, but starting a garden right can be a ton of work. That’s why we exist. Our passion is to enable more people to garden. Let us help you make your vision come to fruition. No matter how big or small. We’ve built flower beds to multi-acre premium small farms.

What Does That Include?

  • Design - After a site assessment, we take into what our customer wants to eat and how much. Then we design custom garden to best serve them.
  • Construct - Our staff bring in the soil, compost, mulch and put it all together for you.
  • Irrigation - We can install automatic drip irrigation saving you time, and money.
  • Plant and Transplant - We can seed your gardens for you, if a transplant is desired we can start your plants and transplant into your garden.
  • Fertility - We take soil tests and can fertilize your garden using organic amendments.

Customer Satisfaction

Our passion is to build exactly what you have in mind and the best way for us to do that is for us to understand what you want fully and we clearly communicate expectations and progress.

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